Board Committees

Committee Name Committee Members Board Staff Comment
Executive Samantha James–Perez, Board President, Chair
Andrew Moreno, Board Vice-President
Kameka L. Brown, Executive Officer  
Education and Practice Bernice Bass de Martinez
John Vertido
Cheryl Anderson This committee will review initial provisional application and present to the Board. This will reallocate full board time for more complex school review.
Enforcement Andrew Moreno Gina Bayless Establish program oversight and key measure to insure timely review of complaints, case closure and coordination with outside agencies (DOI, AG, etc.)
Evaluation John Vertido
Tammy Endozo
Cheryl Anderson Advises the Board on matters related to the approval of endorsement, work equivalence, continuing education and competency to impact licensee candidate profile and national standards. Make recommendations to Board improve national ratings.
Legislative and Regulations Todd D´Braunstein
John Dierking
TBD (Kameka Brown), Executive Officer This committee will review and make recommendations to the full Board. If needed, representatives from this committee will provide public comment on behalf of the Board.
Licensing Tammy Endozo
Eric Mah
Samantha Calma Develop strategies to proactive improve consumer service to mitigate complaints and wait times. This committee will review the current complaints and devise a mitigation strategy to engage the full Board.
Practice Samantha James – Perez
Donna Norton
TBD (Kameka Brown) Review current scope of practice and advocate for preserving existing scope of practice in face of competing priorities.
Strategic Outreach Todd D´Braunstein
Eric Mah
Kameka Brown This committee will develop opportunities to engage stakeholders to achieve AB 179 objective.