Disciplinary Action Index

The listed licensees have had disciplinary action taken against their license. A penalty of revocation, suspension, or probation has been put into effect.

All Board decisions are public record and are listed on the Board’s internet web site at https://www.bvnpt.ca.gov under Disciplinary Action Documents or can be obtained, upon request, from the Board.

The Board requests your cooperation in reporting any violations or suspected violations of the licensing statutes to this agency immediately.

Pursuant to Sections 2518.6(a)(1) and 2576.6(a)(1) of the Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians regulations, respectively, licensed vocational nurses and psychiatric technicians are required to report to the Board instances of unprofessional conduct by their fellow licensees.


Cite and Fine Order:
The licensee is issued a citation and required to pay a fine commensurate with the violation committed.
Interim Suspension Order:
An Order issued by an administrative law judge suspending or otherwise restricting a licensee’s license pending further administrative action.
PC 23 Order:
An Order regarding suspension, probation or other conditions to be imposed on a criminal defendant licensee pending administrative action.
The license is placed on probationary status which includes specific terms and conditions of compliance. Licensee must successfully complete probationary period to return license to clear status.
Public Reprimand:
A formal reprimand issued by the Board.
The license is taken away from the licensee for a minimum of one year. Reinstatement of the license is granted only after the licensee has petitioned the Board, at a formal hearing, and provided clear and convincing proof of rehabilitation.
Revoked, Stayed, Probation:
"Stayed" means the revocation is lifted contingent on successful completion of probation. Professional practice may continue so long as the licensee complies with specified probationary terms and conditions. Violation of probation may result in the revocation that was lifted by the stay.
Surrender of License:
While charges are still pending, the licensee agrees to turn in the license subject to acceptance by the Board.
The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period.

Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technician Disciplinary Actions

  1. July 1, 2018 - Dec. 31, 2018